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Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm EST
to come back to that political point. a very point one but i think we have congressman jim jordan, if i'm not mistaken from the great state of ohio. she the leader of the republican house -- republican study committee, regarded as the conservative wing of the house republicans. jim jordan, welcome back, and. >> good to be with you. >> we heard from a rather optimistic aaron schock, your colleague, that this thing's going to pass tonight. do you agree? >> well, we'll see. it doesn't pass until they have the vote. i know there are people with concerns. i'm not voting for it. i think it's not the direction to go. he said it best. if anyone thinks this bill will become law they're not in reality. if this is not going to be taken up by harry reid and sent back to us in the same form, larry, why would we pass it? why wouldn't we pass something we truly believe in, which is is not having taxes increased for any american so that we can have the kind of environment that's conducive to economic growth, so that moms and dads can afford to pay for their kids' college, get the job opportunities they
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Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm EST
? >> well, lou, this are a few. jim jordan, demint, we don't have a megaphone or bblly pulpit. there's a band of conservatives in the house opposing the so-called debt deal last summer, but the president can command media wherever he goes, and whatever he does becomes news, and we're 435 little voices, and, frankly, the republican conference is not always singing off the same sheet of music. it is stunning to me we're going to go over a fiscal cliff or slope because of eight and a half days of revenue. that's what the president's asking for, eight and a half days worth of borrowing. the other thing to look at, lou, i think, is, you know, the president wants more revenue. he gets that by going over the cliff. he wants less defense spending. he gets that by going off the cliff, and he wants the republican brand damaged which he gets by going over the cliff. what incentive does he have to sit down and negotiate? none. lou: why is the republican party throwing over reagan omics, free enterprise, growth, individual freedom, smaller government, you know, and lower taxes over this? are you
Dec 15, 2012 12:30pm EST
e by march 18th, end quote. at a house energy and commerce subcommittee meeting last may, chairman jim jordan said to woolard, quote: you're asking the guy who's in charge of making the final decision to proofread an e-mail that your chairman was going to send to white house chief of staff, and you say there's no political involvement? well, in another coincidence or not the loan received final approval in may 2011, a month after silva reviewed the proofreading request which he reviewed as the e-mails can be seen from his personal account, his personal e-mail account, not his department of energy account. the draft e-mail to daley had served its purpose. after all, if a political appointee in the energy department knows that the white house chief of staff is concerned about a loan in the his portfolio, he will quickly deal with it. as we all know, white house involvement in bright source energy was not an isolated incident. the energy and commerce committee of the house of representatives has published e-mails that specifically refer to biden and his staff as advocating for solyndra, the sola
Dec 16, 2012 10:30am EST
of the republicans with jim jordan. currently the chairman of the republican study committee and the incoming committee chairman. this of barrett didn't enterprise institute event is just under one hour. -- american enterprise institute event is just under one hour. >> i am delighted to welcome you to a presentation by the outgoing and incoming chairman of the republican study committee of the u.s. congress. we are privileged to host this event, to welcome the incoming chairman, and to thank the outgoing chairman, for their service. this is a special friendship between aei and the irs see that we have cultivated, which has been very rewarding for us. it is very unusual to have an event like this, with the outgoing and incoming leaders, for any organization. but the nature of these leaders makes it more likely than what we would see with most other organizations. the republican study committee eighth is not the majority in congress, but they are the majority of the majority, the majority of the republicans in control of the congress. the republican study committee -- this is language from the
Dec 12, 2012 1:00am EST
many years ago. the current chairman of the republican study committee is jim jordan, on the right. his term ends at the end of this congress, in a few weeks. as many of you know, jim represents ohio's fourth congressional district. through his last three terms, he has served in the u.s. house, and has quickly become very influential as the republican, standing for absolute principle, principles of constitutionally limited government for a strong national defense, fighting tax hikes, and allowing families to keep more of what they earn. simple principles, but those it behoove is a lot of us to remember. the incoming chairman is congressman steve scalise. he represents louisiana's first congressional district, and was first elected in 2008, one term before the wave election of 2010. he is known as a staunch conservatives, as is fitting. he advocates for the principles of limited government, as have all the other heads of the rsc. american greatness, limited government, and traditional family values. he is a member of the energy and commerce committee, and has established himself are stil
Dec 11, 2012 1:00pm EST
congress. hear remarks from republican congressman jim jordan and steve scalise on the future of the conservative movement. they'll be speaking 3:30 eastern right here on c-span. >> belittle me. strangle me. >> he's not safe on that bus. >> i've been on that bus. they are just as good as gold. >> as all of us i think in this country, we're starting to see people coming out and talking about their experience of this if he none none that so many of us -- phenomenon that so many of us experienced one way or another and had no words for other than adolescence, other than growing up. finally people will starting to stand back and say, hold on. this isn't actually a normal part of growing up. this isn't a normal rite of passage. i think there was a moment where there was a possibility for change. and director lee hersch and i started that film out of the feeling that voices were kind of bubbling up, coming up to the surface to say this isn't something that we can accept any more as a normal part of our culture. >> filmmaker cynthia lowen gathered essayed and personal stories today i
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
out forcefully against speaker boehner's plan, and house member jim jordan also coming out against the plan. is the gop splintering? is there a civil war? >> larry, i'm here on capitol hill and what a raucous day today was for conservatives. you never really hear about it, but there's a group on capitol hill called the republican steering committee. they're a private group of lawmakers that decide committee spots and they announced that four lawmakers, popular conservatives from the class of 2010 and beyond would lose their coveted committee spots in places like the financial service committee and the agriculture committee and even the budget committee because they're not voting with leadership. there is irking a lot of conservatives because they think boehner is trying to exert too much control as these fiscal cliff negotiations continue. >> let's see if i get this right. top of the daily crawler website, a good one. conservative groups launch campaigns to depose boehner from speakership. i think that's hardly going to happen, but the american majority action, ama, is launching a
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am PST
, gop. don't go wobbly on us. congressman jim jordan, an influential group of conservatives criticized the boehner plan. >> the problem i have with the republican proposal, frankly, is that it does raise taxes. the thing we need is economic growth. you're not going to grow the economy, put in place a framework conducive to job creation if you're raising ta s taxes. >> oklahoma senator tom coburn said conservative criticism might not be all that bad. >> i think that helps boehner. >> he's drawn a line in the sand for the fiscal conservatives and it communicates to both the white house and boehner. here is how far you can go. >> coburn also acknowledged house republican plan may be about as far as he can go. the conservative backlash in 2014 was very apparent in the senate. advocate for the disabled, a war hero, bob dole seated on the senate floor, did not stop republicans from voting down a united nations treaty that would promote equal rights and better treatment for the disabled around the world which says is inspired by the americans with disabilities act. noefrdz i in other words b
Dec 10, 2012 1:00pm PST
to have you ron. you've endorsed three different candidates, i believe, for speaker, jim jordan, jeb hensarling, and tom price. mr. price says in a statement he's not running, but can you tell our audience why are you so sick and tired of speaker boehner? >> well, there's really two big reasons and they happened in the last two weeks that really have been the nail in the coffin. one is the tax hikes. he's proposed basically to raise taxes on charities and job creators and he thinks that that's where his starting point is with president obama. >> hold on a second. let's be factual. i think what he said was that he was open to $800 billion in revenues but he did not specify the deductions. >> the only way you could get $800 billion in deductions is to go after the charitable deduction and the mortgage deduction. you're going to go after charities. salvation army said yesterday that they have had the biggest crowds coming in that they've ever seen. we're going to go after charities right now? i don't think that's the best place to be. i think what we need to start at is a place where we
Dec 27, 2012 1:00pm EST
. that is the u lis cease arguments, tying themselves to the mast. one of the more conservative republicans, jim jordan, told me the only thing worst than defense cuts are no cuts at all. that said, you can delay the impact of see questions administrati -- see quest administration. it will take them time to come up with the cuts over the course of the fiscal year. that said -- because we never passed the budget but only continuing resolution, we've only got until about march to figure out how to deal with that problem. >> you better believe that there are a lot of democrats in states like california, virginia, florida, in the senate and the house who don't want to see those defense cuts either because, boy, those are big employers. let me grill on one thing and that is this, tax rates are scheduled to go up anyway next year because of surcharges on medicare and a payroll tax surcharge because of obama care, am i right on that? >> you're right. if you look at it, incomes are really going to go back to where they were during the meltdown. the american economy will not have moved forward for many h
Dec 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
tv per." >> congressman steve scalise and jim jordan. >> thank you for coming. to delighted to welcome you a presentation by the outgoing and incoming chairman of the republican study committee of the u.s. congress. we are privileged to host this event and welcomed the incoming chairman and to think the outgoing chairman for their service. this is a special friendship between aei and the republican committee. we have cultivated something that is very rewarding for us. it is unusual to have an event like this regarding the ingoing and outgoing leaders for any organization. the nature of these leaders makes it more likely than what we would see with -- them with other organizations during the republican study committee is not the majority in congress, but there is a majority of the majority. they are the majority of republicans in control of congress. many of you i guess hopeful be in power for many years. i will read this to you because i think it speaks volumes about what these gentlemen are trying to achieve. the republican study committee was created where members can stan
Dec 22, 2012 11:00am PST
, in ohio speaker bane's district adjoins a gentleman named jim jordan. he and mr. jordan do not agree. there are huge factions inside the republican party in the house that do not allow agreement. and the democrats we only have 200 votes. you need 218 to pass something in the house. >> is it all republicans though? what is it like behind closed doors? there? what makes americans seemingly so angry over this. everybody says the same thing but nothing happens. what is it like in those meetings up on capitol hill? >> i personal liam a very optimistic person. i think we can do this. but it's going to take agreement inside the republican party. you have the president at the table. you have the senate both democrats and republicans at the table. the problem, the fisher lisure s in the house. ohio carried for president obama and yet within ohio, you have the speaker being opposed by very extremist members of his own party who head this tea party working group in the house and it is that fissure line that is creating the division in the country. the country is not that extreme. frankly, ohio
Dec 4, 2012 7:00am EST
with what most republicans believe. host: jim jordan had this reaction. he has a lot of conservative republicans. does speaker john boehner have the votes for his proposal? guest: i think the real question will be does the president have the votes? democrats are screaming about i cannot be part of it. so, the mere fact we are discussing those things is good. in terms of vote, if there is going to be a deal, there will have to be votes from both sides. these two guys have dealt with one another before. we act as though none of them are ever able to come to a deal then they they came to a big deal without shutting down the government in april 2011. they came to another one on the debt ceiling deal as well. so, you know, they need to take it to another level because this is a bigger and more complex problem and it is the beginning of serious negotiations i hope between the two. the president won the election but the republicans won the house and not likely to lose it in the next election. hopefully this is the beginning of a really productive relationship. host: you made some news last
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm EST
: jim jordan had this reaction. the bad news about the proposal is a tax increase because it hurts economic growth. he has a lot of people, conservative republicans as part of the study committee, including yourself. to speak or boehner have the vote for his proposal? >> guest: the real question will be to suppress and have the votes. the speaker put it out in terms of entitlements to not be part of it and i'll do in private will tell you they understand the strength and the deficit 90s and the thing for medicare, medicaid and long-term social security. the mere fact were discussing those things is good. in terms of the votes, if it's going to be a deal they will be those from both sides. reality is -- these two guys come in the president and the speaker had so with one another before. they came to a huge deal during the lame-duck section in 2012. they came to another big deal about shutting down the government in april 2011, cutting discretionary spending the billions of dollars. he came to another in the debt ceiling deal as well which is a $2.2 trillion long-term deduction in ex
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)